Club canino en Calvia.

Con multitud de actividades para perros a partir de 3 meses: obediencia basica, educación, propiocepcion, socialización y pista de agility.


A dog training club in Calvia.

We offer a multitude of activities for dogs  from 3 months old, including basic obedience, education, proprioception, socialization and agility.

MAGIC Agility TEAM, Mallorca
MAGIC Agility TEAM, Mallorca1 month ago
Let's get this party started! 💪😁
Entries for the NEW on-line RUNNING CONTACT class (which STARTS on 6th of NOVEMBER) are now OFFICIALLY OPEN! For registration, follow the link: (if you would like to register differently then through pay pal, send me an email). WORKING spots are LIMITED.

This is already 3rd addition of this successful class, which really adapts to the INDIVIDUAL needs of every dog. Class consists from 7 thoroughly designed lessons, which not only give you detailed inside of RC training, but they also teach you to understand RC and adapt the training to the dog you have (regarding his size, breed, character, rewards he likes, striding,...).

This is also the class, where many of the foundations and generalisations are done AWAY from the real DW. I put a LOT of attention to target games through the whole class and many of those games you can play on your back-yard.

And since SHARING is CARING (or it just helps you get some cool stuff for free 😂), I am also giving you the option to WIN 2 AUDITING spots for FREE! Everybody who will share this original post (among their friends or in groups) AND tag a friend who might be also interested for this class, has the option to WIN a free auditing spot for him and the friend he tagged. Both winners will be announced on Wednesday, 10th of October. Good luck and see you in the class!

For more info visit: or send me an email (
MAGIC Agility TEAM, Mallorca
MAGIC Agility TEAM, Mallorca2 months ago
Very good point about lines onto contacts.
MAGIC Agility TEAM, Mallorca
MAGIC Agility TEAM, Mallorca4 months ago
We are going to be demonstrating agility and other fun activities at Port Adriano. Last year was a great event and we are expecting it to be even better this year.
MAGIC Agility TEAM, Mallorca
MAGIC Agility TEAM, Mallorca4 months ago
DOGGY RACE, PTO.ADRIANO, 6th of October. Come and meet us, MAGIC AGILITY TEAM.